Fines for hazardous driving

November, 2018

Chief of State Traffic Inspection Mikhail Tchernikov, in his interview to TASS new agency, stated that his department has developed a bill introducing fines for hazardous driving. The amount of fine may be up to 5 thousand rubles.

Mikhail Tchernikov:
“– A bill has been developed, which presumes changes to the Administrative Code of the RF, instituting administrative liability for hazardous driving, after being suspended in 2016 when it was added to the traffic safety rules. The administrative liability will be a 5,000 rubles fine.

Tchernikov added that the State Duma has also received bills developed by other ministries. They will also affect traffic safety. For instance, Ministry of Transport has proposed to increase to 5,000 the fine for breach of traffic safety rules at railway crossings. One more initiative of the Ministry of Transport establishes liability of the carrier for breach of driver work and rest schedule.

Fines for hazardous driving
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