on the old town’s edge
Amurski Hotel is located not simply on the edge of the old town, or simply in its first historical street Amurskaya (currently Lenina Street), which remains the city’s main street up to date. Here, in front of our hotel, was the starting point of the route taking travelers from central Russia to Irkutsk, the Siberian Russian outpost, further to the east.

It was more than just a street, this location was among places with the most powerful energy in the
city and the whole of Siberia.


Establishment of Irkutsk wooden fort (ostrog)
It was here, through the Zamorskie (“overseas”) Gates, that merchants’ convoys and individual wagons departed for China and
to the Amur River, therefore, in the direction of Japan, America, Asia and the Pacific Ocean.

Irkutsk was founded on the path of a vast commodities flow, making the city Siberia’s most prominent location of commerce.


In 1858, Count N. Muravyev received an important mission from
Emperor Alexander II:
Александр II
Alexander II
(17.04.1818 - 01.03.1881)
Emperor of Russia.
to travel to China for talks with the Emperor of China

Amurskie Gates

And Muravyev managed the seemingly impossible: he came from China with the Treaty of Aigun, which proclaimed the left bank of the Amur River to be Russian territory, while navigation on the Amur was shared between Russia and China.
This achievement provided Russia with water route to the Pacific Ocean.

The Emperor was so pleased with this diplomatic victory, that he bestowed the title “Amurski” onto N. Muravyev.
Merchants of Irkutsk built the triumphal Zamorskie Gates to greet the Governor General returning from China, and Zamorskaya Street itself was grandly renamed as Amurskaya Street.
The inscription on the gates read: “The road to the great ocean”.
At present, a memorial board is placed on the former location of the Amurskie Gates (only 500 m from Amurski Hotel).
Our hotel is located in Amurskaya Street, on the border of the old town, where every meter of the street is filled with history, and in the past here you could stumble into
Anton Tchekhov, taking a walk,
A.P. Tchekhov
(17.01.1860 - 2.07.1904)
a prominent Russian prose writer and playwright,
, surrounded by admirers from Irkutsk, or
Yaroslav Gashek, on his way to office
Ya. Gashek
(30.04.1883 - 3.01.1923)
a Czech satire writer, a commissioner of the Red Army,
who traveled to war from Irkutsk
Alexander Kolchak,
A.V. Kolchak
(04.11.1874 - 07.02.1920)
a Russian military and political public figure, an oceanographer
Fidel Castro, surrounded by Siberians,
F. Castro
(13.08.1926 - 25.11.2016)
Cuban revolutioner, state, political and Party leader
or Leonid Bronevoi wearing his fur coat on his brisk walk to the theater, or very young Leonid Gaiday.
Our hotel is a perfect choice for those who understand what history is and value true spiritual comfort.
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